Fried Green Tomatoes

The Whistle Stop Grill has been around for a long time, and while our Fried Green Tomatoes taste just like the good ole days, they didn’t join the menu until 1995. If you are in or around Pinellas county, you probably know you can get fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop in Safety Harbor, Florida, which in our opinion is a lot more fun than Whistle Stop, Alabama (no offense :)). You can enjoy a beer and live music, along with the best hamburger around in an Old Florida-New Vibe atmosphere. You’ll find a diverse and unique menu here, with everything from salads and small plates, up through delicious steak, chicken and seafood entrees.
But more to the point, our fried green tomatoes are a draw all by themselves, and we have a couple of tasty variations on this classic theme. Aside from plain, you can have them “fancy” with goat cheese, chopped fresh red tomatoes and cilantro – or if you order your fried green tomatoes “fancier” and enjoy them with grilled, seasoned shrimp or delicious crawfish sauce.

Also, the fried green tomatoes come as part of our “Southern Sampler”, which includes fried dill pickles, corn fritters, chicken tenders, and a couple of dipping sauces – this is good to share! Come enjoy outdoor patio dining in Safety Harbor, join us for a night of live music, including open mic night (currently on Wednesdays), and have some real cooking from one of the most unique menus in all of Pinellas County (pop. almost 1,000,000).